UX Design

What is UX design?

“UX”, or “user experience”, is how a user feels when they use a specific product or service. It encompasses a variety of feelings including emotion, senses, and physical interaction.

UX design is the system designers create for that experience with the goal of having the user’s experience be satisfying and easy.

And while it is involved in a lot of different products and services, it typically refers to the digital design experience.

Why is UX design important?

Good UX design creates a positive experience for your user by anticipating and fulfilling their needs.

Any successful product or service, such as a website or app, needs good UX design. With it, customers will remain satisfied and (ideally) loyal to your business. Without it, your user can be left frustrated and bitter with your product…resulting in, ultimately, fewer users.

UX design process

Stage 1: Understand

Stage 2: Research

Stage 3: Analyze

Stage 4: Design

Stage 5: Launch